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Entry #199

The Phantom of Akihabara, among other stuff.

2013-03-22 21:07:19 by FightingSeraph

Here's a neat little story I discovered from Hardcore Gaming 101 m-of-akihabara-game-over.html m-of-akihabara-chapter-7.html

Cyber Ninja concept art: /miraininja.html
I personally miss the drawn on paper style of concept art, but there's a lot of great digital work too.

Kurt Kalata and John Szczepeniak on Digital Distribution: d-japan.html

I agree with these guys completely on digital distribution and online shopping.

Cartoon Concept Design - '80s cartoon backgrounds: /original-animation-production.html

Things in Animation history that happened on this day: -of-march-22nd-in-animation-history/

Random Animation Anecdotes: necdotes-102/

It's been a while since I made one of these links based posts, and decided that it was sorely needed. For my 200th post, I'm going to write about reviewers I appreciate the most. Edit: Here's some playlists I made.
Ambient hybrids 060c99e1351520d95a7bd5961

Hardcore (Gabber, Rave, etc.) 35bbc1143e6589252ef55e961

Flash RPGs 1118404e98a40f0cefd0865ab

Goa Trance 11be6639ea3352dc49608478f

Drumstep 1442c7986cf1677352bdb4a93

And a Tech D&B song I found:


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