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Entry #221

A tinge of Maddox

2013-10-03 22:40:57 by FightingSeraph

Things That Suck About New York.

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I have to hand it to Maddox, he knows how to tear sacred cows and gris-gris new assholes. Oh, and read the comments posted on that video; they're wonderful.

A former Apple user explains why they suck these days:
Keep in mind that he also has complained about Windows and Android.

Some posts by Mark Mayerson:
What can I say? Heavy Traffic is my favorite of Bakshi's films.
Ever think about why Hayao Miyazaki hated Sleeping Beauty so much? This post explains why.

Some stuff from Michael Sporn:

Enjoy this while you still can. By the way, I'm planning on doing Things on My Mind Datatrack 25 sometime.

Edit: Here's some Zone-Tan fanart I found.


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2013-10-07 11:02:06

Indeed, everything he says makes sense. I'm attempting to not use 'really' at the nd of any sentences too...

FightingSeraph responds:

Agreed, 'really' may have been funny at some point, but now it isn't.