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Entry #224

Random tidbits...

2013-11-04 20:03:28 by FightingSeraph
I don't know what people here think of this guy, but at least he knows how to draw and write.
I remember seeing three of these shows, but that doesn't mean I still like them.

Here's some Commodore 64 sites:

Edit: Here's some more...
To be honest, I don't like Fox News, but also disapprove of Maddow.

Other stuff: I've been checking out Hyun's Dojo recently, and for a competitor, they're the kind of site that Tx Mafia and The Backalleys should have been. Here's the link:

Another Edit:
It kills me that people so quick to blame all of the bad shit of the world on Capitalism and not the good.

Well, that's the rest of it...


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2013-11-05 10:15:15

A lot of random reading! C64 links were the most interesting though, never tried the console so it's a whole new world...

FightingSeraph responds:

It's actually a computer, and I've been thinking about learning assembly programming. (Even though it looks tough.)


2013-11-08 02:13:34

Ah, didn't know that... but computers are consoles too. :)