Entry #179

Things On My Mind Datatrack 22

2012-10-02 18:43:58 by FightingSeraph

1. Environment: My views on the environment and environmentalism are similar to that of Patrick Moore. Just because I don't want trash on the sidewalk doesn't mean I believe in climate hysteria, extinction hype, or what other scare-story bullshit that gets perpetuated. Personally, the environmental movement has lost its worth years ago and as a result, has become that metaphorical big tree that looks strong on the outside but so rotted on the inside that the next lightning strike causes it to collapse. As for the whole climate hype, there is very little we can do to change it. Plus, how can it be man made when it has been going on since water first appeared on the Earth billions of years ago? Furthermore, how can Carbon Dioxide be a pollutant when there is plenty of substantial evidence to prove that it is anything but? It kills me that people are fretting over things that aren't threats at all whereas real ecological problems such as what the Army Corps of Engineers is getting ignored.

2. Symphony of Specters: I have to admit, it's really nice of Zack Striefel to start this group for those in need of fitting music for their projects. However, there are times where their involvement comes off as redundant considering that many of the things they worked on also have people that are also composers. (Though I will admit that there are times when redundancy is necessary.)

3. Thad Komorowski: I've been reading this guy's journal posts, and have to admit that he knows what he's talking about. His posts on the lesser known cartoons of the Golden Age were really informative, and I concur with what he said about Walter Lantz and Terry Toons. (They're two of the most underrated names in animation history.) Plus, who else would do the following:
-Comment on the cartoons that Columbia/Screen Gems were making that didn't involve Ex-Disney animator UB Iwerks.
-Write an unauthorized history on Ren & Stimpy while being a critic of John K.
-Openly criticizing Pixar. (He even wrote a review of Wall-E explaining why he thought it sucked.)
For those who missed it the first time here's his site.

4. Aztraz: I have to agree with Catoblepas/Catobleper/Catoblefaux/Catoblerone and Wooden Sneakers on this long-time NG user. Like Roger van der Weide, he may be a shitty draftsman, but how he animated those bad drawings is very creative in a style reminiscent of Van Beuren, but with extreme adult humor. Plus, his stuff had a sincere charm that is reminiscent of Evil Dave and Pirata Cobra, but was lost over the years in the name of demographic pandering, homogenized 'professionalism,' and kissing the ass of whatever mediocre shit that Disney and Pixar are churning out.

5. Touhou Project: Why is it that there are a paltry ammount of submissions involving this series whereas we're seeing too many Pokemon and Minecraft parodies getting free frontpage slots just because of an author's name recognition? Seriously, the characters themselves are perfect flash fodder in the right hands. (Just look at some of Coffgirl's stuff.) I haven't played any of the actual games aside from a few fanmade ones (Super Marisa World), but would like an actual copy of any Windows release.

6. Rosenkreuzstilette: I've seen videos of this and wouldn't mind getting an actual copy of this along with its sequel. So far, the demo of the sequel is excellent and even recommended some of our users to the game's creators. Unfortunately, by the time I made that suggestion, the sequel, RosenKreuzStilette Freuden Stachel, was already going into the testing phase. As much as I want these games, the proposed English dub is unnecessary considering the translation patch is good enough as is. Plus, having Rina-Chan, who has become stale from overexposure, isn't going to be a good idea and will likely attract the wrong crowd. (Read: the guys behind Street Fighter Chode.) On the other hand, at least it will have Jessica Calvello (Dragon Half, Dirty Pair) in this, so it isn't all bad.

7. Sailor Moon Parodies: It's surprising that there aren't more PSSM parodies on NG, and it's even more-so when it comes to those with actual quality. Most of them are either spam or are just unfunny in spite of great animation. Honestly, that series has more than enough parody material for two whole collection pages, but since General Ivan did that unfunny sound byte; people have relied on bad acting on purpose as the joke norm considering that it was only funny once or twice and really difficult to get right.

8. Kraftwerk: I've been listening to their music recently, and I have to say that they're just as great as Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, many disco acts, Black Flag, and many stateside contemporary musicians. Plus, you have them to thank for the Techno genre of Electronica, though Juan Atkins coined the term in the mid-'80s. Speaking of Techno, I don't think it or other electronic genres (E. G.: House, Trance, Jungle, DnB, etc.) deserve the hate they get considering all of the bad singers, lyricists, and music done with actual instruments. Please keep in mind that I also am a fan of Black Sabbath, Gwar, Slayer, and numerous Metal/Punk groups.


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