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The most thoughtful and honest comment I have gotten.

2013-01-11 19:24:13 by FightingSeraph

This was posted by Lt Plissken a few hours ago:
Hello there my friend, first of all I want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year,
all the happiness and joy on this world, lots of drawing hours in the future. I've kind of missed you,
and all the veterans who disappeared from the earlier days. Fortunately you didn't disappeared,
you made a pause but you came back, and I feel very good about that.
Last years March, then was the last time I've visited, and you are right, that was a loooong time
ago. Honestly I almost forgot your sketchbook, lots of happenings on conceptart.org and lots
of movement, I am getting older, and it's hard to remember everything. However I am trying to
stay in shape and to keep in touch with my ol' mates.
I've scrolled back a few pages, and I observed again your earlier and latest drawings. Then I
glanced on the comment above, about you not improving at all over the last three or four years.
Well, this is a very tricky subject and can be discussed in many ways from many aspects. There
are many ways you could look a drawing or any art piece in general. Million people, million different
thoughts, expectations and opinions. There are also standards, which are acceptable,
likable or aesthetics that the general population will accept. There are commercialized paintings,
ugly in some kind of way, but still more effectively sold and accepted, than any other beauty out
there that never saw the sun, cause lack of promotion. For me, your art is great, your drawings
are ok, and the most important your consistency and never give up approach is priceless. However
I agree that there are very few and very slow improvements visible over these few years. My humble
opinion is that you have something that is literally blocking you from doing major advancements.
I don't know what it is, but there is something. It could be a mental blockade, a fear, an emotion,
lack of something, it's a heavy psychological question. Would compare the scenario with a sport
related subject. For example, a kickboxer, you know the guy who fight in the ring, a kickboxer
have his goals, and training schedules planned in forth. So one of his main goal, and weapon is
a high kick. But at this point he is unable to achieve it, due to lack of skill, flexibility and overall
strength training. So the high kick is at head height, but he is stuck at low kicks, at knee height.
You are also stuck with the kick at knee height. You cannot push it forward, you cannot go higher.
Sometimes you managed to pull out a hip height kick, but then instantly you dropped back to your
previous level. Something is preventing you. If you really want to improve, you should approach the
problem wisely and strategically. The kickboxer, would sit down, and try to figure out, what should
he do next, what is the thing that is preventing him to go higher with his kick. Could it be that he
doesn't do enough strength exercises, could it be that he doesn't stretch enough, or could it just be
that he doing all that, but he never mastered the correct technique and the correct form.
The same way, you should eliminate the problem, you should find the spot that can push you
forward and make significant improvements. It could require a mentor, a teacher, someone else
who is honest, beside you, just like an athlete need a trainer. Maybe it's an impossible mission
to go alone into this, maybe you need someone to aid you day by day. You have to have something,
a switch inside of you, you just need to find it. You definitely have the most important ingredients
for art. You have the will, you have the strength required, the determination, and I think that you
have also put your heart and soul into all this. And you know what they say, if you put your heart
into something, there is not an option for failure. You just believe in your self. I want to help you
somehow and not to leave an empty 'good job' reply again, which I did many many times before.
I want to be honest, and be open so I could help you. Just as I said I like your drawings, and your
dedication, you already achieved a lot, by not quitting all these years, and not throwing away the
pencils. There are many others who tried, got frustrated and gave up on the subject. You achieved
much more then them, you have something special inside you, you shine on your own way, and
yes you have a gift, even if someone say that you don't have.
Well, roughly those are my thoughts
about the improved, not improved subject. I think that you improved, you just need a bit harder
kickstart, to bring the technical side of your skills to another level. That is if you want to improve,
cause I never asked, do you want to improve? I totally understand if someone don't want to
improve, cause not all of us who like to draw and paint, necessarily wants to improve. If you do
things just for fun, and for relaxation sake, then forget all that I said, in that case, you don't need
to put yourself under any kind of pressure or override your system abilities, by banging your head
up against a wall, and asking how to improve.
In the end of this lengthy post, I want to thank you that you visited my book, and that you didn't
forget about me and my work, and the most important that you still support me. I support you
and your art fully also, and I feel proud, that I know someone dedicated and true, as you are.
You post more, think positive, draw, and never give up.

The only other person that had posted similar critiques is Conny Nordlund (Loathsome). I hope those words that were posted inspire someone on here.


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