Entry #194

Series on NG I would like to see continued/concluded.

2013-02-11 12:38:18 by FightingSeraph

I've already wrote three posts on series I'm tired of, and writing a fourth one. So, I'll change gears to series that ought to be continued/finished.

1. Joe Zombie: Of course, I'm talking about the current Joe Zombie series that has voice acting and swift 3D effects. To be honest, this was better directed, written, and acted than Xombie ever was. I hope Rob DenBleyker takes a break from Cyanide & Happiness and finishes this one up.

2. Keegan's Truck: In spite of bad graphics, I have to say that Doug knew how to direct and time those bad drawings like a master. That and his story writing has gotten better with each installment, along with his animating. Here's hoping that he finishes this series and teams up with someone who's better at drawing/animating.

3. Power of the Geek: It's too bad the fourth installment didn't get finished, because I was looking forward to its climax. If anyone has the .fla, I wouldn't mind seeing someone continue where Ben left off.

4. All Fads Die!: What is with part six and why is Radioactive24 letting it gather dust? I mean, when Logo was in charge,
these were released on a consistent basis. Besides, I know plenty of things that deserve obliteration.

5. You Are A Fucking Moron: Why not? I love a good roast cartoon, and The Walrus needs to get off of his ass and rip apart more celebrity filth.

6. Soul Defiance: The original cartoon pilot may be flawed, but I see that Fanewgie has potential to become a very brilliant director. That, and he beat TTA to the punch in terms of the concept behind it.

7. Anything by Dean Packis: I love sick and twisted humor, and his cartoons meet that demand with a early NG brand of raw and crude that has all but faded from the site. Too bad he ends up getting low scores because of that because he's one of the most under-appreciated contributors on here. Now if only he teamed up with Catoblepas, Peixeaquatico, Evil Dave, and Golfinho...


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