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Things on my Mind Datatrack 24

2013-03-08 14:41:06 by FightingSeraph

1. Hugo Chavez' death: Well, it looks like his supporters feared that this would happen considering that he had prostate cancer. However, I do not support Chavez considering that he has done more harm than good for Venezuela. After reading what Zanroth said, and what the Cato Institute have posted; I can say that I cannot talk myself into believing that his death was necessarily a bad thing. For those who are wondering, I think you need to read these:
http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/chav ezs-grim-legacy

2. Eddsworld: I am going to be honest with you people: I don't really care for Edd Gould, and after seeing three of his cartoons; he wasn't funny or impressive. Honestly, this series is practically a British version of Tomorrow's Nobodies and Baron von Brunk, but without the humor and voices that are so bland and generic that it's baffling that people find this funny. On the other hand, that song Edd did was pretty good and he was reportedly a nice guy.

3. Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarves: A lot of people will hate me for bringing this up, but I thought this cartoon was fuckin' hilarious. Like what Chakra-X did with Captain Ig'nant, Catoblepas with Michael Jackson's End, and Gonzossm with Black Sunshine, it's just one of those cartoons that is both exceptionally well-done and extremely polarizing. What made it so polarizing was the following: 1. Most of the jokes were written by black musicians, 2. It was made (and took place) in the segregation era, and 3. the obvious stereotype gags. I mean, if it's ok for Sirkowski and Ebolaworld to have generic, unfunny southern stereotypes in their generic, unfunny cartoons; then this Bob Clampett cartoon is ok in my book.

4. Coonskin (1974 Ralph Bakshi film): Another extremely polarizing film worth discussing is this feature by Ralph Bakshi. While it isn't as good as Heavy Traffic or Fritz the Cat; I still consider it to be an enjoyable movie. It took a lot of balls to not only trash the obvious bigots in this film, but to go after those on the other side as well. You have to give Bakshi credit for taking a multi-faceted approach on that theme. If anything, it's much more enjoyable than Ghost In The Shell, Transformers: the Movie (1986), and most of Studio Ghibli's movies.

5. Darkstep and Neurofunk: I've been listening to a bunch of these D&B songs and will say that these are two kickass genres. If anyone is curious, they can learn about it at http://www.darkstep.org. One more thing, I'm working on one track for each genre mentioned.

6. Friz Freleng's Pink Panther cartoons: I never really cared for the movies that inspired this series, nor what Freleng did during 1957-1963. However, I am really fond of these cartoons for the following reasons:
One: Great layouts
Two: Best example of limited animation
Three: Funny most of the time.
Four: Excellent music by Henry Mancini, Bill Lava, and Walter Greene.
Too bad that the Blue Racer and Tijuana Toads cartoons weren't as funny, along with the fact that the DePatie-Freleng studio got worse and worse over the years.

7. New Games for old systems: Am I the only person on this site who is aware of this going on? Examples include:
-GunLord (Neo Geo and Dreamcast)
-Pier Solar (Sega Genesis)
-Soulless (Commodore 64)
-Zaku (Atari Lynx)
-Streamerz 2 (NES)
I think that people on NG should consider looking into this, especially the staff. And besides, I'd rather take a new game for an old system that's exceptionally well-done over something made for the current systems and their successors but flat out sucks.

8. Apple blocking The Best Page in the Universe from their stores: Yep, Maddox got blocked by Apple computer for his years-old criticisms towards Mac users and the iPhone.

On one hand, they can get away with it since they aren't part of the government. On the other, blocking this website just for a pair of scathing criticisms is pernicious. It's not like he had porn or a guide on how to make bombs.


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An American talks about Venezuela stuff, I can imagine.


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