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2013-05-12 14:21:14 by FightingSeraph

The song that plays in this video is Hello 31337 by Hisayoshi Ogura, and it's the best example of Techno I have ever heard so far. (or is it Trance?)

I wonder if this was the influence on that Wasted Sky game that Tom did thirteen years ago...

Darius 2 was released in the west as Sagaia and had two-screen and three-screen versions.

The first of two home system exclusives, Darius Twin had a two-player mode which the ports of the first two games didn't have.

Darius Force was released as Super Nova in the west, and was a single-player experience that featured improved graphics and sound.

Metal Black was originally intended to be Darius 3, but was changed early in development.

Darius Gaiden was an example of the console version finally matching the arcade original.

G-Darius moved to realtime 3D and was a prequel to the first game.

Darius Burst started out as a PSP exclusive, but got and arcade version soon after called Another Chronicle.

By the way, am I the only person on here who actually knows about this series.


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2013-05-14 05:49:45

Never heard of it. Interesting music though!

FightingSeraph responds:

Well, thanks.