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Judgmental Heavens - VA Judgmental Heavens - VA

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing as always.

It just so happens that I have that same make/model microphone, but let's not kid ourselves.

Effectswise, you got the fearsome vocoder effect that you were aiming for. Not overdone, nor does your real voice peak through. I can definitely see this used someday. The acting is also worth noting because it's well-done for someone not known for voice acting. Maybe I could cast you in one of my projects... Oh, and the recording quality is also great.

The Good:
-Great effects
-Nice acting

The Bad:
-Nothing really

Overall: Another ten from me, and when is your forum going to be online?

Lich responds:

Thank you, glad you like it!
If you do want any voice acting with this particular voice or any other variations, let me know and I'll be happy to help (I have the vocal template pre-setup for any future work!)

I think for now the idea of the forum is canceled but I might try something again in the future. I'll let you know first if I get around to it :)

They Are Coming They Are Coming

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This sounds like something that was made in the '90s.

I've always preferred '90s metal acts over the vast majority of '80s metal. (Something that'll make '80s music junkies retch and gag, but who cares?) It's almost as if you took Fear Factory and Xorcist together and combined their distinct sounds. In other words, pretty damned badass!

Sound: Nice mix between synths, adept guitar playing, powerful drums, and well-thought out bass. Industrial metal is one cross-genre that is overlooked on NG. Furthermore, it isn't easy finding the right sounds for the right job. (I had to stop working on several songs on account of that.)
Composition: I may not be an expert on music, but this is very well composed for what you had. The rhythm was perfect, arrangement dynamic, and scoring very nice. I can hear this being used in a few submissions.
Other: Not much else needs to be said.

The Good:
-Interesting take on genres
-Great composition
-Adept rhythm
-Great sound design
-Properly loops

The Bad:
-Nothing at the moment

Overall: Here's a ten from me, Ali. (5/5)

Scotty [breakbeat psytrance] Scotty [breakbeat psytrance]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The definitive Psybreaks song.

Why is it that many of your songs end up getting such low scores upon submission? If anything, higher ratings would be more appropriate. Anyways, I thought I would review another one of your songs.

Sound design: Interesting combination of Breakbeat and Psytrance (Colloquially known as Psybreaks). However, this feels more ambient than psychedelic. The use of double breaks was pretty cool, along with the incredibly subtle hi-hats. In other words, you did something quite unique in terms of instrumentation.
Composition: This was quite enjoyable albeit drawn out. However, when it gets good; this becomes something that should be listened to. The arrangement is excellent save for the drawn out intro and end. That and you had a nice sense of rhythm going on that made use of the individual notes.
Other: I can hear this being used in a couple of games if the creator is really crafty.

The Good:
-Interesting mix of genres
-Nice composition that uses the rhythm
-Clever use of breaks
-Great sound design

The Bad:
-Feels more ambient than psychedelic
-Intro and end feel drawn out.

Overall: I'll give this a ten. (5/5)

hardcorescm responds:


thanks for your indepth review, always like to hear what people think of my stuff, and the teaching me of the word psybreaks :)

scarborough fair cover scarborough fair cover

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I usually don't review cover songs, but have thought about making a few. Just because it's a cover song doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, this deserves to a higher rating.

Vocals: I usually don't review songs with lyrics on here, but your singing is excellent. In addition, your voice would make Hania puke green with jealousy. It's on key and from what I can tell, accurate from the original song. (This is coming from someone who hasn't listened to the original song.) However, I did notice some static in the background and the microphone noises at the end should have been edited out.
Instrumentation: When it comes down to it, you sure know how to play the acoustic guitar. As much as I'm big on electronic music; it's nice to hear actual instruments being played.
Composition: As said previously, I haven't heard the original song so I can't comment on that.
Other: Many on here will give you shit for making this, but considering that you have your fair share of original material; I'll let you off the hook.

The Good:
-Nice vocals
-Adept guitar playing
-Reasonable file size

The Bad:
-Recording issues
-The fact that this is a cover.

Overall: Heather, how would you like a nine from me? (4.5/5)

hhoulding responds:

Thank you very much for your review. Thanks for your kind words also. I will get better equipment eventually when i get the money meaning better sound quality. The reason i do covers is to showcase really, so that people may ask me to sing in their songs and such. Im not very good at song writing haha.

Expandeble Expandeble

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I thought I'd review another one of your songs; seeing that no one else has. Personally, this feels more like Acid Trance at times than Goa. Still great though.

Sound Design: I have to say that you put the TB-303 to good use in this. If you were going for something really trippy, I have to say that you have succeeded. On the other hand, the Goa elements that were in this well done; even if the acid parts were more dominant. Oh, and you have a nice drum selection.
Composition: Unlike most Acid Techno/House/Trance songs, you have put a lot of effort into composing this. That, and you were also smart in using sound clips and breakbeats. I don't know why your songs get overlooked or Zero bombed. Maybe you should try the Audio Advertisement thread on the forum, but that still won't help much.
Other: Aside from the title typo, there's not much that I can comment on.

The Good:
-Nice blend of Acid and Goa
-Great composition
-Good Percussion
-Judicious use of a soundbyte

The Bad:
-I think it's spelled Expandable.

Overall: Here's a nine. (4.5/5)

Biotech Biotech

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A very interesting song.

It isn't often that you hear a cross between Neurofunk/Darkstep DnB and the most profligate UK Garage offshoot, Dubstep. I have to say that you have made an excellent piece of music, and here's why...

Sound design: When it comes down to it, most of these songs have a LOT of emphasis on bass to the point of being "Yeah sure, whatever." However, you did put some thought into the lead, which makes this stand out more. Of course, I like your generous and judicious use of bass and drums in this. All in all, a winner in my book.
Composition: Speaking of the lead, you were also brilliant in its composition. It's a breath of fresh air in an ocean of bass-indulgence. On the other hand, you did a great job with your bass composition. What else can I say? This is a hopeful sign.
Other: It isn't easy mixing two different genres together; especially when the tempos are complete opposites.

What I did like:
-Finally a fresh take on Dubstep
-Great basslines
-Cool lead
-Nice balance between said lead and basslines

What I didn't like:
-The fact that this won't faze Dubstep haters.

Overall: Obelion, how would you like a ten from me? (5/5)

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Obelion responds:

Thank you for this more detailed review. I enjoyed it.
You have a pretty good understanding of the song: Neuro/Dubstep was exactly the genre-mash I was going for. Nice ears!
Plus, the leads in there were also important to have a balance to the nasty-ness.
Also, having a balance between something on the one hand that sounds somewhat organic or in other cases (the leads) melodic, and something on the other hand that sounds gritty and unnatural is exactly the contrast between biology and technology I tried to compose. Hence the title of the song.


Grimoire Grimoire

Rated 5 / 5 stars


How come nobody has reviewed this? Looks like it's up to me to remedy this.

Sound Design: Interesting mix between Euro-Trance and Psytrance. Nice use of a supersaw wave and a psy bassline. I also liked your choice of drums, along with a gated acid arp. Honestly, it's the kind of song that MaelstormM/Aggamare would come up with, which is a good thing. While the pads feel barely there, they weren't the focus of this song.
Composition: Your scores were very intense in a Texas Faggot way, which gets high marks in my book. It isn't easy to make something up to par with the likes of Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, Transwave, etc. while being distinct; others would have done this poorly. Besides, NG needs more Goa and Psytrance.
Other: I would also like to mention your use of tempo shifting, which was really novel.

What I did like:
-Great sound
-Intense composition
-Nice mix of styles
-Clever use of a tempo shift

What I didn't like:
-There's not enough psytrance on NG

Overall: Spirit Wolf, here's a ten from me. (5/5)

Great Old One Great Old One

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This seems like you mixed Techstep, Neurofunk, and Darkstep together.

As a fan of those three D&B styles, I have to say that you did an excellent job at this. I wonder why hasn't anyone else reviewed this? Anyways...

Sound design: As said before, this feels like a mix between those three styles rather than being one of them. However, there's nothing wrong with that since you did a great job. Interesting take on a breakbeat, which keeps things fresh. On the other hand, the snare could have been more powerful.
Composition: I think this has quite an evil feel to go with the name you chose. This was one of the more interesting songs in the genre composition-wise. The scores used were very fitting given the theme, and I wouldn't have it any other way unless it were catchy.
Other: I say that this is an experiment done right.

The Good:
-Nice sound
-Interesting mix of genres
-Clever composition
-Fresh take on a breakbeat

The Bad:
-Could have used a more powerful snare

Overall: Here's a ten from me. (5/5)

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AliceMako responds:

It's way too novel for it's own good, stewie doesn't like change.

This being well over a year old i'd say the puny snare is due to my drumbus management at the time.

You leave the best reviews btw, it's like a rockjournalist writing me up in a magazine.

[PsyTrance] One [PsyTrance] One

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Astonishing in so many ways!

For my hundredth music review, I have chosen to critique this underrated gem of a song. I mean, how the hell did this slip through the cracks? Anyways, enough bitching...

When it comes down to it, the sound design is excellent and fits the psytrance genre quite well. The percussion was cleverly chosen, the synths were perfect, and the soundbytes were used quite judiciously. While I'm more into the darker side of Psytrance; this has the sound of a true winner and here's hoping that more people listen to this jewel. Then there's the composition, which is very melodic and complex. You sure know how to layer sounds and scores quite skillfully, and makes this song worth the twelve megabyte filesize. This could easily match Tom Olive and Ocular Nebula quite nicely in terms of excellence. Oh, and nice use of effects.

The Good:
-Excellent use of layered sound
-Great composition
-Exuberant sound design
-Nice use of soundbytes and effects

The Bad:
-Nothing really

Overall: Here's a ten from me. (5/5)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very interesting.

For something that was inspired by synth jam videos, I have to say that this is pretty catchy. Seeing that this has no reviews, I'll have to write one...

When it comes to the sound, it has a FM-chip quality to the lead. Something akin to mid-to-late '80s arcade games or Sega's old consoles. Even though I'm not wearing any headphones, your bass was very well-designed. In addition, your plucks and drums were also excellent. As for composition, it was well-scored considering that it loops and how minimal it is. (Anyone who gives this a low score for the minimalist approach can take a hike to hell.) Finally, this is one of the more original video game songs that I have heard, so you get high marks for that.

The Good:
-Well composed
-Good sound design
-Clever use of minimalism
-Nice use of a slow breakbeat

The bad:
-Nothing at the moment

Overall: Romwell, here's a ten from me. (5/5)

Romwell responds:

Thank you for the review and rating! I wouldn't be able to come up with a better description myself.
Shameless plug: I have just posted another song - Analogies - that is in a somewhat similar style; maybe you will like it too!