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Easily one of the more interesting sleeper hits.

I haven't written a review in a while, but considering the lack of reviews this had...

Graphics: You guys did a great job on all of those backgrounds. In addition, the old Mac aesthetic was captured perfectly. Of course, there wasn't much in terms of actual animation, but considering the limitations; I'll let you off the hook.
Sound: There wasn't any music at all considering how the Mac was up until a certain point. On the other hand, those sound effects are excellent.
Content: I'll admit that when I first played this, it was confusing until that aforementioned walkthrough. However, this captures the spirit of the old ICOM/Infinite Ventures games quite nicely. Plus, you guys got the scary factor down to a T. This may not be for the little peckers who can't put down the lame a-I mean, latest iDroid products, but for people who want real Flash movies and games; this gets my appreciation.

What I do like:
-Nice use of the old Mac aesthetics
-Fun once you know how
-Good sound effects

What I didn't like:
-Confusing at first
-Not going to win beauty pageants, but not everything needs to be in HD.

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

It may not be much of a game, but good enough for what it is.

I thought I would give my two cents on this.

When it comes to the art and animation, you have improved a bit in that department. The character in question is better drawn and animated when compared to your last commission. (Or for that matter, any female character drawn by the Perfect Kirby guys.) You have a nice mix between Frame-by-frame and tweening for this. In addition, I liked your usage of color for this piece. As for the music, it is quite fitting for what you had and the same can be said for the sound effects. Finally, there's the content: it may not be as amazing as that last game I reviewed or Abobo's Big Adventure, but you put some thought into the interactivity. The use of x-ray was really novel, and the same can be said about the 'light switch.' While the person who paid this piece got a good deal; I think there could have been more done to give it a bit more longevity.

The Good:
-Underused subject
-Good animation
-Nice interactive elements
-Good sound selection

The Bad:
-Considering what Line Marvel, Gorepete, and Ivan Aedler have done; there isn't much in terms of content. However, since this was a commission; I'll let it slide.

Overall: Here's an eight from me, and I told Ivan to check you out. (4/5)

Great remake of a Newgrounds Classic!

As a fan of the original game (and early Newgrounds in general), I have to say that you did an excellent job on this throwback. I remember playing this back in the summer of 2000 and enjoying it immensely. It's a pity that so many people on here are unaware of how the site was back then and it had a delightful raw and crude edge to it.

Graphics: Great use of the originator's style, with excellent use of AS3 effects. It may not win beauty pageants, but fuck that shit; something REAL is always better than something "realistic." I think NG ought to take what it learned over the years and apply it to that raw crudeness that was prevalent back in 2000-2003.
Music and sound: Zach, you have done another excellent job on that department. Those cover songs you provided are top notch and quite fitting.
Content: Those looking for a hardcore gaming experience are going to be severely disappointed, but for those wanting something that's good; you've found a winner. It plays just like the Flash 4 original, but with a better shooting engine, faster pace, and the sick humor that NG was once infamous for. However, considering that this is just a remake, it's not very original, but who cares about that when content should be first and foremost.

The Good:
-True to the original
-Better graphics
-Better music
-Better pace
-Good gameplay

The Bad:
-The fact that this is a remake

Overall: Kenney Vleugels, here's a ten for reminding us what NG used to be. (5/5)

Kenney responds:

Thanks for the review and spot on, this is exactly why I made the game. No worries though, the next Pico game is going to be 100% original. I just wanted to have the grips on the original before starting a new game.


While this isn't a full adventure game in the PC sense; the atmosphere that you were aiming for was impeccable. I remember playing this years ago and thought it was pretty creepy at parts.

Graphics: Interesting mix between black-and-white photography, Photoshop, and Flash. Importing all of those graphics must have been hell, but you did an excellent job compositing them. Plus, you did a great job on the animation even though it was mostly tweened. That and your sparse use of color for a few scenes.
Audio: You did an excellent picking those sound effects, and James' Music fit perfectly. It's surprising that he hasn't considered taking a cue from Kevin McLeod or Zack Striefel.
Content: It may not be as obtuse as other games on here, but what it lacks in challenge; the aforementioned atmosphere and originality compensate for it. Plus, it doesn't try to be more than what it is, which would defeat the point. It's a pity that this isn't as well-known as certain other submissions, but whatever.

The Good:
-Nice mix of mediums
-Clever use of color
-Very atmospheric
-Great audio

The Bad:
-Not much of a challenge when compared to other games.

Overall: I think a nine would be appropriate for this. (4.5/5)

Nice game!

I did not expect you to make something so ambitious in the world of hentai games. While this does have its quirks, but it was for the most part pretty enjoyable.

Graphics: To be honest, while it is serviceable for the most part; you haven't improved by much. Look, I don't believe that games should always have the best graphics, but enough to get the point across. However, I think you ought to work on rudimentary drawing and animation skills because it will make your hentai work even better. Trust me on this one.
Sound: Aside from the moaning/orgasms, there wasn't much in terms of music. I think you could have scoured the audio portal for music considering that song you had didn't really fit. Plus, said song wasn't properly produced.
Gameplay: This is what prevents this from getting a much lower score. It's obvious that a lot of effort and heart went into this, and the results were pretty enjoyable. You have a solid engine, a nice variety of sex positions, and a nice variety of women to go with that. However, it can get a bit confusing at times, but at least you provided some instructions in the intro.

The Good:
-Nice variety
-Interesting plot

The Bad:
-Could use better art and animation
-Needs a bigger, better music selection
-Confusing at times.

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

d-z responds:

I appreciate that you've been watching my stuff for a long time, thank you

Fun, but flawed.

For a first game, this isn't bad, but there are flaws that need to be addressed. Let me explain...

Graphics: You did an excellent job on the graphics considering that you're a renowned artist. However, there wasn't much in terms of character animation. If this was developed for an old, outdated game system, I'd understand. But, for a Stencyl game it just doesn't feel and look right.
Sound: While I do like the voice clips and the theme song; there wasn't much thought put into the sound effect and music variety. I mean, there is an audio section on this site and would suggest that you scour it for songs. However, the song used was pretty catchy.
Gameplay/Content: Nice throwback to old Nintendo/Sega/Atari/Commodore games and fun to boot. On the other hand, there are three things that should have been sanded out before release. One, the control scheme used wasn't very intuitive to platforming considering that it's the Stencyl/old computer default. I think that fully customizable keys would have made this a much more comfortable experience. Second, as two previous reviewers have mentioned, the hit detection is inconsistent at times regarding enemy projectiles. Thirdly, while I do like the level design and the aforementioned graphics; the stage size results in the whole thing feeling claustrophobic.

The Good:
-Nice graphics
-Catchy theme song
-Nice voice clips
-Good level design

The Bad:
-Lack of sound variety
-Clumsy control scheme
-Inconsistent hit detection
-Small screen size results in everything being cramped

Overall: It's not bad for a first, but the flaws prevent it from being a shining example. Here's a nine and I hope that you learn from your mistakes. (4.5/5)

Not bad considering that it was meant to be satire.

This scalding mockery really shows one reason why I don't have a "smart" phone. (Maddox already brought up all the others.) That and what everyone else has said about Capcom these days. However, you weren't the first to satirize the faults in the video game industry.

When it comes to the graphics, you did a great job on importing the sprites and mocking HD having them filtered in Photoshop to look ugly. I have to credit you guys for ripping on HD gaming and hope more people follow your lead. Oh, and kudos for having a reference to the DOS Mega Man at the end. Too bad only you guys and myself have gotten the reference. Sound wise, you guys used the same MMX sound effects as every other Mega Man flash on here, but I won't be dastardly considering that they fit quite nicely. It helps that I have no problem with commercial audio as long is it fits. Finally, the content of this is more of an interactive movie than a legitimate game, but like You Have To Burn The Rope and Press Space to Win: it gets its point across. You guys did an excellent job at recreating the gameplay from scratch considering how piss easy it is to make games for that iNookindexurface bullshit that I hate. That and the fact those mobile devices are a poor substitute for dedicated gaming systems and PCs. However, Iragination also recreated this as well, which lessens its impact. If you two decide to make more satires towards HD, tablet computers, smart phones, etc, I suggest that you up the ante with more abrasive/disgusting content.

The Good:
-Clever satire
-Good sound
-Good use of filtered sprites

The Bad:
-Not everyone has gotten the point
-The fact that you weren't the first to satirize the state of the gaming industry

Overall: I am giving this a nine for making a point and presenting it well. (4.5/5)

Tough, but fun.

Why the hell does this have a middling score whereas something like Pokemon Tower Defense gets frontpage status for months on end? While you weren't the first to make a Castlevania engine in flash; this is the first recreation of Ninja Gaiden on NG.

Graphics: You did a great job on importing the sprites, but there wasn't any real customization involved. A bit of thought in that department would have helped. On the other hand, you did use some flash effects to your advantage.
Music: The music fit the situation perfectly and you did a good job on the editing, which is a plus. That, and you made judicious use of voice clips and actual game sounds.
Content: It's not often that something like this comes to NG, especially in the age of After Effects abuse, lame-ass cell phones that are touted as being able to do everything but the most basic of features, and other trendy bullshit. The engine is solidly made with customizable controls, accuracy to the source (though that short sword makes it harder than it looks), and a well-balanced challenge. While the difficulty may put some off; at least it is an alternative to the piss-easy crap being churned out.

What's Good:
-Underused subject
-Good sprites
-Well coded
-Great audio

What's not-so-good:
-Not much in terms of custom sprites
-Extremely short normal attack

Overall: Here's a nine and I would like to see a full game made with this engine. (4.5/5)

Great game, but Averrath is right.

While you have an original idea that was executed well; it could have been better elaborated upon. Of course, you had a deadline to meet, so I won't be so harsh.

Graphics: You did an excellent job on replicating the Super NES look. I think RedHarvest was right to say that the main character looked like a deranged Princess Peach. However, the spiked ball trap wasn't drawn as well as the rest of the sprites. Did I mention that the blood was a nice touch?
Audio: There wasn't much in terms of audio, but it fit the setting quite well. On the other hand, the music tends to get repetitive.
Gameplay: I usually dislike these defense games considering how over saturated the genre is, but the fresh concept separated it from similar games. While the game had enough to keep it from getting stale; the puzzle aspect was a double-edged sword. It doesn't allow for any alternate solutions, which is a bummer. On the other hand, it does provide a legit challenge without being too frustrating and obnoxious. Plus, Rhoneoceros is right to bring up the click detection issue, which is also annoying.

The Good:
-Nice graphics
-Fitting sound
-Interesting idea...

The Bad:
-...but similar to FFMC: My Life as Darklord.
-The puzzle elements are uneven.
-Could use some more variety/elaboration, but that's what sequels are for.

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

Great remake!

Although Icom/Infinite Ventures has already ported Shadowgate on the Game Boy Color; yours was a case of something accurate to the source material, but adds a few enhancements to make it better.

Graphics: It's the same as the NES version of the game, but you added to it with Flash 8's capabilities. To put it another way, what you did with Flash's tweening added to the experience, and kudos for managing to make shape tweening NOT look shitty. However, I think you could have taken the Flash enhancements a bit farther and some sprite editing would have been nice.
Sound: You did a great job at porting the game's music, though you could have used a greater variety of sound effects. For example, try Megatron's Laugh from Beast Wars upon the death screen.
Content: It may be a Flash remake of an NES game, but at least it was fun and that's what matters. In addition, you also streamlined the interface a bit and added mouse support, which makes this better. That, and an easier to navigate item menu. However, having to deselect a command can get a bit tedious, but that didn't affect playability in any major way.

What I like:
-Solid gameplay
-Good music
-Previously Unused subject
-Clever enhancements

What I didn't like:
-The enhancements could have been taken a bit further.
-Can get confusing at times, but still manageable if you know where to look.

Overall: Larry, how would you like a nine from me? (4.5/5)

larrymcduck responds:

Thank you very much! Your nine is appreciated!

I've been on here for over a decade and have a high level, so fucking what? Regarding my MSN and Trillian accounts: Request to be added.

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