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You captured the surrealist aesthetic quite nicely.

I don't know why I write so few art reviews, but here's one from me.

The colors and textures are really well thought out and clever use of square brushes. In addition, the anatomy is adept, and the same goes for the perspective. It really shows how much you know your shit. That and your judicious use of filters.

cherry-cupid responds:

Thanks, yea. I do need a few more texture brushes; sadly i painted this on the laptop which doesn't have as much power =/


Your art has still remained great all these years. Nice use of colors, correct anatomy, right amount of detail, etc. To be honest, I don't get to write very many art reviews for some reason, but was in the mood to write one. Oh, and my attempt at a self-portrait sucks. (Damn, I need to get better at drawing and animating...)

That's pretty damn amazing!

I found out about you from your dubstep song Machines, and in addition to your music and animation talents; you are also an adept draftsman. Honestly, that composition was amazing along with your inventive use of texture and contrast. Oh, and ingenious use of color and atmosphere. One more thing, I recommended you to Peixe Aquatico.

You've progressed nicely!

This model definitely feels right at home in a N64 or Dreamcast game. For 1,800 polygons, it sure looks good considering the limitations. Hell, I also like how you separately modeled each of her fingers. As for Blender, I've been thinking about giving it a go in spite of my troubled inexperience with GMax. (I'm better at 2D drawing than 3D modeling.) On an unrelated note, I think more people on ConceptArt.org should contribute here and vice versa.

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks dude. It's tough but I try to do as much as I can and never shy away from anything. I think the best way to learn is to jump in with both feet. Also yeah, I've kind of fallen out of love with CA though. They were getting too elitist for my taste and I got mixed up in that big stink with Corriero and just never really went back. I still update my sketchbook over there, but it is essentially ignored.


While I do like hermaphrodite porn/hentai, this could have been much better. Here's what's wrong:
-The pose, while dynamic, doesn't seem to have any sort of reference. Then again, I could be wrong.
-The right leg's lower half is misproportioned.
-The left arm has questionable construction.
What isn't really necessary, but could help:
-Some shading would be nice.
Finally, The good:
-Nice colors.

Here's hoping you take the time to work on your posing and construction.

This may not be the most detailed thing I have ever seen, but if there is something that I have learned: Details DON'T make good pictures.

What makes this sculpture great is that it has the following:
-Solid construction
-Clever use of a light and glass to give it a glowing eye
-Nice texture
-Good design sense
In addition, I like what you did with its mouth, which gave it a strong expression and the drool was also nice.

Very nice!

You don't see a lot of ganguro-related stuff on Newgrounds, especially of this quality. The construction is excellent, along with the anatomy, hierarchy, value, and colors. Oh, and I like what you did with the makeup and dye job. Here's hoping that more people consider looking into the ganguro style.


I'm going to be honest with you that this is not the best pixel art I have seen. However, you do have some nice techniques regarding the background texture. Here's the faults I see with this:
1. It needs a sense of form and the construction is weak.
2. The shading is badly done as it doesn't follow the form. I mean, it's mostly straight ramps except for some areas.
3. Some of the colors look garish.
Recommendations: I will suggest that you study basic drawing principles for a period of time, along with color theory.

Overall: Here's a six from me. (3/5)

N1nj4X responds:

Thank you for your honest critique.

What! No one has reviewed this yet?

Has anyone told you that you have the eye for graphic design? I love your usage of shapes, texture, and color. More people on NG could learn a few things from you in the design and color department. However, it would be wise to study anatomy, construction, perspective, gesture, etc. just to back up your magnificent sense of design and color. By the way, was this a combination of Flash and Photoshop or just PS?

Acid-Notation responds:

It twas Gimp that created this. I get positive responses from nearly all of my graphical works, but music is main interest and talent currently, so I have no real interest in improving my visual art.

Really nice!

As much as I like your music; your drawings are even better. I mean, this is up to par with many of Frank Frazetta's paintings. It may not have color, but it does have the following:
-Clever usage of details
It's too bad that the Art Portal has the same problem that the Audio Portal: No real safeguard against random zero spammers. (I hate that shit, don't you?) Seriously, this deserves at least a 4.20 for the skill and effort alone.

Chronamut responds:

well that's where dedicated people who vote properly come in.. I have notice the art portal is mostly plagued with hentai and that saddens me..

and thank you for seeing the hard work that has gone into it so far :)


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