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Amazing as always!

I have to admit that it took a lot of balls to submit something with a low resolution seeing that this site has an intoxicating obsession with HD. (Not everything needs to have a minimum screen resolution of 1280*720 with post processing.) Now, on with the review.

Animation: Goddamn, this beats a lot of the inane tripe that passes for frontpage material for miles. Your poses, timing, expressions, and use of lip-sync are magnificent. Plus, I loved how you did your pans/rotations the hand drawn way. This is the kind of stuff that's legit and excellent at the same time.
Sound: I liked the sparse use of voices and the music selection. It's not easy finding the right music, and even harder to find that right moment.
Content: It may be a one-vs-many cartoon, but the setting and direction make up for it. Many animation veterans are tired of the super fast choreography, yet you used it to your advantage unlike so many others on here. I think more Stickpage/Dojo members should do cartoons with fully-drawn characters because you can only do so much with sticks.

The Good:
-The setting
-Great direction
-Fitting music
-Adept animation
-Decent diologue

The Not so good:
-Not that original, but the execution is what counts.

Overall: Here's a ten from me. (5/5)

SunnyGOES responds:

Thanks, I'll make point of those notes :) Next time I'll try to be more original


I have to say that this is probably the best collab of the year.

Animation: Interesting mix between sticks and fully-drawn characters, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. All of the animators did an excellent job on this, and unlike most collabs, felt like a theatrical-era cartoon. In addition, it's nice to see something from you and your collaborators that isn't fighting.
Music: The selection for this is excellent, but you guys may want to check out the audio portal for music next time. (Here's a hint, check out the song Impertinence for something worthwhile.)
Content: It's nice to see something different here from you. The direction and timing are amazing as always. However, I have run out of things to say here, so I have to say "Great Job."

The Good:
-Interesting mix between sticks and fully-drawn characters.
-Well animated
-Fitting music
-Best example of a collab

The Bad:-
-None at the moment

Overall: Would all of those involved like a ten from me? (5/5)

This may not be the prettiest cartoon, but still funny.

I'm going to be honest with you; Apple is in a decline that started back in late 2006-early 2007. That was back when Steve Jobs was -still- alive. Honestly, the iPhone was a rehash of existing tech, which was basically taking the touch screen of the long-dead Newton, mixed with a stripped-down cell phone and an iPod. As for the iPad: it's just a stripped down Wacon Cintiq.

When it comes down to it, the animation isn't anything special, but it works. Nice use of imported photos and drawn lip-sync. Anything else would be inessential and probably weigh down your jokes. Then there's the audio, the music was good albeit too quiet. On the other hand, I would rather have it too quiet than too loud. In addition, the voice acting is pretty good. Finally, the content may not be up to snuff when compared with what Maddox said about the iPhone; but this was pretty funny. Not too long nor too short, but enough to get the point across.

The Good:
-Good voice acting
-Nice music

The Bad:
-Not the worst animation, but not the best.

Overall: Here's a nine for this clever satire. (4.5/5)

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Easily one of the more interesting sleeper hits.

I haven't written a review in a while, but considering the lack of reviews this had...

Graphics: You guys did a great job on all of those backgrounds. In addition, the old Mac aesthetic was captured perfectly. Of course, there wasn't much in terms of actual animation, but considering the limitations; I'll let you off the hook.
Sound: There wasn't any music at all considering how the Mac was up until a certain point. On the other hand, those sound effects are excellent.
Content: I'll admit that when I first played this, it was confusing until that aforementioned walkthrough. However, this captures the spirit of the old ICOM/Infinite Ventures games quite nicely. Plus, you guys got the scary factor down to a T. This may not be for the little peckers who can't put down the lame a-I mean, latest iDroid products, but for people who want real Flash movies and games; this gets my appreciation.

What I do like:
-Nice use of the old Mac aesthetics
-Fun once you know how
-Good sound effects

What I didn't like:
-Confusing at first
-Not going to win beauty pageants, but not everything needs to be in HD.

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

It may not be much of a game, but good enough for what it is.

I thought I would give my two cents on this.

When it comes to the art and animation, you have improved a bit in that department. The character in question is better drawn and animated when compared to your last commission. (Or for that matter, any female character drawn by the Perfect Kirby guys.) You have a nice mix between Frame-by-frame and tweening for this. In addition, I liked your usage of color for this piece. As for the music, it is quite fitting for what you had and the same can be said for the sound effects. Finally, there's the content: it may not be as amazing as that last game I reviewed or Abobo's Big Adventure, but you put some thought into the interactivity. The use of x-ray was really novel, and the same can be said about the 'light switch.' While the person who paid this piece got a good deal; I think there could have been more done to give it a bit more longevity.

The Good:
-Underused subject
-Good animation
-Nice interactive elements
-Good sound selection

The Bad:
-Considering what Line Marvel, Gorepete, and Ivan Aedler have done; there isn't much in terms of content. However, since this was a commission; I'll let it slide.

Overall: Here's an eight from me, and I told Ivan to check you out. (4/5)

Very Nice.

It's been a while since I reviewed a game, but this is one of the better games on here. However, I doubt that you are the actual creator of this, but will be fair.

Graphics: This game has quite possibly the best Flash game sprite work that I have ever seen. Seriously, it looks like something that was made for the Neo Geo back in the late '90s. (This happens to be a complement.) It's always exciting to see sprites of this caliber these days. Plus, I liked the use of parallax scrolling and a judicious use of flash effects.
Music: This is a mixed bag. While the song used isn't bad, it gets repetitive fast. Plus, better sound effects would also help.
Content: I haven't played much of this game, but what I have played was pretty enjoyable. However, I think the ability to run faster could have helped this, along with better implemented scrolling. On the other hand, the controls were very responsive and it's still fun to beat up enemies. Oh, and kudos on getting this game down to a reasonable 3.6 megs.

The Good:
-Great graphics
-Multiple characters
-Good game engine
-Nice variety of moves and characters

The Bad:
-I don't know if you actually made this, but would like to be sure.
-The music, while decent, is repetitive
-Better sound effects
-Better implemented scrolling would be nice
-No English translation

Overall: A nine is suitable for this game. (4.5/5)

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Amazing as always.

It just so happens that I have that same make/model microphone, but let's not kid ourselves.

Effectswise, you got the fearsome vocoder effect that you were aiming for. Not overdone, nor does your real voice peak through. I can definitely see this used someday. The acting is also worth noting because it's well-done for someone not known for voice acting. Maybe I could cast you in one of my projects... Oh, and the recording quality is also great.

The Good:
-Great effects
-Nice acting

The Bad:
-Nothing really

Overall: Another ten from me, and when is your forum going to be online?

Lich responds:

Thank you, glad you like it!
If you do want any voice acting with this particular voice or any other variations, let me know and I'll be happy to help (I have the vocal template pre-setup for any future work!)

I think for now the idea of the forum is canceled but I might try something again in the future. I'll let you know first if I get around to it :)

This sounds like something that was made in the '90s.

I've always preferred '90s metal acts over the vast majority of '80s metal. (Something that'll make '80s music junkies retch and gag, but who cares?) It's almost as if you took Fear Factory and Xorcist together and combined their distinct sounds. In other words, pretty damned badass!

Sound: Nice mix between synths, adept guitar playing, powerful drums, and well-thought out bass. Industrial metal is one cross-genre that is overlooked on NG. Furthermore, it isn't easy finding the right sounds for the right job. (I had to stop working on several songs on account of that.)
Composition: I may not be an expert on music, but this is very well composed for what you had. The rhythm was perfect, arrangement dynamic, and scoring very nice. I can hear this being used in a few submissions.
Other: Not much else needs to be said.

The Good:
-Interesting take on genres
-Great composition
-Adept rhythm
-Great sound design
-Properly loops

The Bad:
-Nothing at the moment

Overall: Here's a ten from me, Ali. (5/5)

The definitive Psybreaks song.

Why is it that many of your songs end up getting such low scores upon submission? If anything, higher ratings would be more appropriate. Anyways, I thought I would review another one of your songs.

Sound design: Interesting combination of Breakbeat and Psytrance (Colloquially known as Psybreaks). However, this feels more ambient than psychedelic. The use of double breaks was pretty cool, along with the incredibly subtle hi-hats. In other words, you did something quite unique in terms of instrumentation.
Composition: This was quite enjoyable albeit drawn out. However, when it gets good; this becomes something that should be listened to. The arrangement is excellent save for the drawn out intro and end. That and you had a nice sense of rhythm going on that made use of the individual notes.
Other: I can hear this being used in a couple of games if the creator is really crafty.

The Good:
-Interesting mix of genres
-Nice composition that uses the rhythm
-Clever use of breaks
-Great sound design

The Bad:
-Feels more ambient than psychedelic
-Intro and end feel drawn out.

Overall: I'll give this a ten. (5/5)

hardcorescm responds:


thanks for your indepth review, always like to hear what people think of my stuff, and the teaching me of the word psybreaks :)

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You captured the surrealist aesthetic quite nicely.

I don't know why I write so few art reviews, but here's one from me.

The colors and textures are really well thought out and clever use of square brushes. In addition, the anatomy is adept, and the same goes for the perspective. It really shows how much you know your shit. That and your judicious use of filters.

cherry-cupid responds:

Thanks, yea. I do need a few more texture brushes; sadly i painted this on the laptop which doesn't have as much power =/

Excellent use of color!

In addition to that, I have to say that your anatomy, construction, perspective, values, and detailing are spot on. This could easily be one of the best mixtures of art and pornography I have ever seen. Oh, and I suggested to Ivan Aedler* to check your stuff out. (*Creator of Mario is Missing: Peach's Untold Tale.)

SignHerePlease responds:

Um thank You??


I have to say that this may be my favorite submission from you. The construction is solid, the anatomy is well-done, the colors are very nice, and adept use of selective detailing. As a fan of that series, this gets my seal of approval.

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